Recruitment & Placement

We specialize in the following:

  • Screening
  • Job match
  • Career guidance
  • On-site work exposure
  • We are in business of building and improving career development for youth in order to enable them with job opportunities and growth. We recruit, train and place youth in paid jobs, we are a sustainable solution to unemployment in South Africa
  • We identify potential and talented unemployed, non-skilled and unexperienced individuals, both abled and differently abled between ages of 18 – 29
  • We recruit and train individuals (both abled and differently abled), mostly youth and match them to career paths and companies that are more suitable for their skills and competencies
  • We are a youth employment accelerator, we connect employers looking for entry-level talent and high potential individuals who are currently unemployed
  • We also assist youth with job readiness programmes that will prepare them for the workplace and ensure that they have acquired the relevant skills