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  • 1. Enterprise and Supplier Development

  • AGB Business supports the establishment and participation of black players in the economy by offering empowering and effective interventions to our clients. We possess the necessary skills and expertise to provide our clients with tailor made business development support solutions that suit the current needs.

  • 2. Socio-economic development

  • By utilizing the available legislative frameworks to support our mission, AGB Business adopts a holistic approach to transformation and economic development. We are passionate about creating opportunities for a more skilled workforce and establishing a local supply chain that drives Government’s mandate to alleviate unemployment and eradicate poverty.

  • 3. Skills Development

  • Our Skills Development Division comprise of a range of industry professionals with strong backgrounds and expertise in Skills Development, Employment Equity, and B-BBEE legislation and compliance. Our Quality Division provides a wide range SAQA and NQF registered accredited programmes comprising of full qualifications, short courses and accredited skills programmes. We aim to provide flexible training solutions to our clients and offer Disability Integration consulting services at a strategic and operational level to minimize barriers of entry for people with disabilities thus promoting inclusivity and retention in the workplace. Our skilled and competent staff are ready to assess your specific training requirements in order to provide tailor-made programmes to address the skills gaps within your organisation.

    All our qualifications are also registered as learnerships which provide access to a number of tax benefits aligned with section 12H(a) of the Income Tax Act. Our full qualifications run over a 10-12 month period, depending on our clients’ needs. We strategically schedule our classes so that there is minimal operational impact to both learners and the employers.

  • 4. Skills Development Facilitation

  • Our qualified and experienced Skills Development Facilitators are ready to assist you with your skills development planning and facilitation needs. They will advise you on the development of learning and development strategies specific to your organizational and people development needs. We will also provide you with the necessary support and guidance related to B-BBEE Reporting including performing a Gap Analysis and developing Action Plans. In addition, our staff will guide you to understanding the financial benefits linked to skills development.

  • 5. Placements

  • We support companies to create workplace environments conducive to learning for new entrants. We are also able to advise and assist organizations with specific Workplace Accommodation Assessments for people with disabilities. Our guided end-to-end solutions for learners and companies has led to a significant percentage of learners placed in permanent employment. We specialize in SETA accredited learnerships, and the placement of funded and partially funded interns and learnerships into practical work positions. At AGB Business, we pride ourselves on ethical recruitment practices that are aligned with our clients’ specific requirements.

We administer the payroll of stipends that are paid to the learners for ETI (Employment Tax Incentive) purposes and section 12(h)

Before getting placed, most of our candidates undergo the following assessments:

  • - Aptitude (Verbal & Non-Verbal, Reasoning and Calculations)
  • - Personality
  • - Interests
  • - Career Adaptability

  • Call centre to assist our clients in i.e.:

  • 1. Outsourced candidates
  • 2. Learnership hosting
  • 3. Increase focus in customer satisfaction
  • 4. For marketing AGB services
  • 5. New candidate recruitment
We assist companies to change and optimise the B-BBEE scorecard. Our B-BBEE consulting services includes the following:

  • 1. To To maximize their B-BBEE Scorecard through skills development and corporate social development (CSD)
  • 2. To claim for learnership deduction (section 12h)
  • 3. To claim for Employment Tax Incentive (ETI)
  • 4. Analysing B-BBEE Scorecard Verification and implementing according to verification recommendations
  • 5. B-BBEE scorecard gap analysis

When evaluating your company’s position, we implement an integrated methodology to balance your B-BBEE scorecard through five pillars of B-BBEE. This will comprise of growth in company strategy involving goals and business impact in the areas of youth development and job creation initiatives.

  • - Facilitate external B-BBEE verification and issue of scorecard
  • - Analyse scoring and needs analysis
  • - Strategic plan and skills audit
  • - Improve skills spend

Ownership = 25 B-BBEE POINTS
Clients are able to access a B-BBEE partner who desires long-term investment. We create a multiplier effect on all investments.

Management Control and Employment Equity = 25 B-BBEE POINTS
Target training and mentorship solutions to identify and nurture future management potential through our EE development strategy.

Skills Development = 20 B-BBEE POINTS
A unique assessment and training technique has been designed to align learnerships for unemployed individuals with sustainable economic opportunities.

Social Economic Development = 5 B-BBEE POINTS
We assist with corporate social investment (CSI) to our client and also provide support to youth and elderly with opportunities that will help them contribute to a sustainable economy.

AGB has a learner youth portal that consists of more than 200 000 candidates that has been trained and are ready to work.

We do site visits for accreditation purposes.

On 8 August 2019, the Minister of Tourism, Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane, launched the National Tourism Safety Awareness Campaign which was necessitated by isolated incidents of violence directed at tourists. Whilst international tourism trends indicate that personal safety and security issues are of high importance in potential tourist’s choice of a destination, South Africa is committed to addressing it head-on. The Tourism Monitors Programme is a collective collaborative effort of government and sees the forging of partnerships working together for the safety of all visitors thus securing South Africa as a destination of choice.

In responding to incidents of crime directed at tourists and tourism products as well as enhancing the tourist experience, the Department of Tourism has been working with various stakeholders to compile a safety plan of which the Tourism Monitors Programme forms part of. The Programme involves the recruitment, training and deployment of youth to assist with the safety of the tourists at popular tourism sites with high volumes of tourists or those sites that have a high potential of personal risk to tourists. The Tourism Monitor’s role is to among other things: to raise awareness about safety and security matters to tourists; coordinate emergency and other relevant support for tourists; guide tourists on the safest routes and areas as well as report incidences of crime against tourists. The Programme has been launched throughout the country including protected areas under the management of South African National Parks (SANParks) and the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI). The Programme became an important part in the drive of the KZN’s provincial tourism strategy and tourism’s contribution to provincial economy. The initiative is in partnership with the KZN Department of Economic Development Tourism and Environmental Affairs (EDTEA), SANParks, Isimangaliso Wetlands, Ezemvelo KZN WildLife, SA Police Services and the business sector – some of which also served as host employers. Partnerships with these host employers were very important as they created possibilities for absorption of some of the Monitors.

Being a reputable and accredited training provider with extensive experience in the skills development sector, AGB Tourism was appointed to manage the implementation of the Tourism Monitors Programme for the period of 18 months. The Monitors were in the programme for 12 months. The programme will be completed on 31 August 2020. AGB Tourism focuses solely on cultivating learners in the tourism and hospitality industry and is fully committed to providing quality service.


The AGB Tourism Project management team worked diligently to successfully serve on the following deliverables for this project:

- Recruitment of the unemployed youth between ages 18-35 in various participating municipalities in KZN;

- Induction, training (3 months), certification and facilitation of graduation for the monitors;

- Project administration, coordination, monitoring and support;

- In consultation with the participating municipalities identify tourist attraction sites as host employers, where the monitors will be placed for 9 months;

- Responsible for payment of monthly stipends for a period of 12 months;

- Supply of learner uniforms, safety shoes and learning materials and equipment;

- Facilitate bi-monthly progress meeting with the identified provincial stakeholders;

- In consultation with the participating municipalities, secure suitable training venues;

- Monthly reporting to the department;

- Registration of learners with COIDA;

- Comply with Health, Safety and Unemployment insurance fund (UIF);

- Payment of UIF & COIDA;

- Facilitate sustainable exit opportunities for the Monitors.


Our committed AGB Tourism project team were key to achieving the following project objectives:

- The objectives of the Tourism Monitors Programme is primarily the enhancement of tourism safety awareness at key tourism attractions and consequently reduce the number of criminal incidents that are directed against tourists, to eliminate opportunities for such crime and to integrate current tourism safety and awareness initiatives into sustainable programmes;

- Revive the township tourism economy;

- Preventing and curbing criminal attacks that are directed to both local and foreign visitors;

- Reduce tourist vulnerabilities and eliminate opportunities for violent crime aimed at tourist operations;

- Provide face-to-face interaction for tourists and making available information that visitors can use thus helping them from being misled;

- Tourism safety awareness enhancement at key tourism attractions;

- Provide basic tourism information about attractions and the country;

- Integration of current tourism safety and awareness initiatives into sustainable programmes;

- Skill and provide practical work experience to unemployed youth to enable them to be employable;

- Raise awareness and reduce the number of crime incidents that are directed at tourists who are visiting provinces and the communities that host them.