B-BBEE Consulting

We specialize in the following:

AGB Mathe Group understand the challenges of running a business in changing South African landscape. While the requirements of BBBEE Act can be seen as extremely difficult and exhausting, it is recommended that these requirements be followed accordingly. AGB assists companies with their BBBEE verification, compliance and can improve scoring.

The integration of disabled individual into the workplace is still perceived as greatest problem area of the BBBEE scorecard, our business proposal aims to address this requirements and eliminate any challenges. The employment of disabled people remains as a pressing problem area and the government has urged organisation and companies to increase the employment of such individuals to at least 4% of the total workforce, whereas, there is about 0.8% of disabled people currently employed on a permanent basis.

We have developed a solution that will enable disable individuals to have similar training and employment opportunities in the area and province as a whole. This solution will permit companies to access five points on offer under 300 and 400 of the BBBEE codes as well as to benefit from learnership deductions and tax breaks, as well as enhance diversity.

We assist companies:

  • To To maximize their B-BBEE Scorecard through skills development and corporate social development (CSD)
  • To claim for learnership deduction (section 12h)
  • To claim for Employment Tax Incentive (ETI)
  • Analysing B-BBEE Scorecard Verification and implementing according to verification recommendations
  • BBBEE scorecard gap analysis

When evaluating your company’s position, we implement an integrated methodology to balance your B-BBEE scorecard through five pillars of B-BBEE. This will comprise of growth in company strategy involving goals and business impact in the areas of youth development and job creation initiatives.

  • Facilitate external B-BBEE verification and issue of scorecard
  • Analyse scoring and needs analysis
  • Strategic plan and skills audit
  • Improve skills spend

Ownership = 25 B-BBEE POINTS
Clients are able to access a B-BBEE partner who desires long-term investment, we create a multiplier effect on all investments.

Management Control and Employment Equity = 25 B-BBEE POINTS
Target training and mentorship solutions to identify and nurture future management potential through our EE development strategy.

Skills Development = 20 B-BBEE POINTS
A unique assessment and training technique has been designed to align learnerships for unemployed individuals, with sustainable economic opportunities.

Social Economic Development = 5 B-BBEE POINTS
We assist with corporate social investment (CSI) to our client and also provide support to youth and elderly with opportunities that will help them contribute to a sustainable economy.

AQRate Verification

AGB Foundation is certified by AQRate Verification Services as an accredited service provider that assist companies with socio-economic development services.